Museum of the Microstar

For months I had been developing TC Particles, when out of nowhere Unity, the game engine I built my GPU Particle system for, announced a competition. At the time I was already working with an artist, named Anton Hand. We quickly decided we would participate in the competition, and after a month of hard work we had finished our piece.

Museum of the Microstar is a tour through the history, and future, of the energy needs of the human race. It shows our progression, and the destruction that came with it.

The technology shows off TC Particles. The center star moves beautifully, consisting of about 400 thousand particles, all in a detailed enviornment with realistisc physically based shaders. Yet, the demo runs at 60FPS on average consumer hardwarde!

This collabration between RUST ltd. and Tinycubestudio, sure has a great result!

Unity DirectX 11 competition

Release Date:
January 24, 2013

  • HLSL
  • CG