Last Light

Cross-platform game

There once was a balance between Light and Darkness. Darkness forgot there is no darkness without light – They attacked the Light. A period of darkness came. In this darkness beasts formed – evil creatures. Now only one Light remains – It’s your task to guide this Light to fight the Beasts of Darkness, in the ever ongoing fight of Light and Darkness!

It was released somewhere in 2011 on iOs. After release it got feautured by Apple, as the Nr.1 ‘Gorgeous game’. It sold like there was no¬†tomorrow, it was great!

Last Light then went on to to participate in the ‘marmalade premium apps program’. It expanded it’s reaches, and made some sweet deals, for example:

-Deployment on blackberry Playbook

-Deployment on Samsung Bada

-Integration of Scoreloop social system

-Publication to the Exent android store


Last Light was the startup of TIny cube studio. It’s succes is still ongoing 1.5 years later on, and will hopefully be repeated! Last light has totalled over 12.000 downloads

Blackberry / Exent

Release Date:
August 03, 2012

  • C++
  • Marmalade
  • Photoshop